The role of the pharmacy in 2020

Responding to changes in the healthcare landscape

The role of the pharmacy in the healthcare landscape is undergoing radical changes. Ever-tighter regulations, pressure on prices, and the expected changes to the healthcare model are placing heavier burdens on the services that pharmacies are offering their customers. We were asked to assist a chain of pharmacies to position themselves in the future healthcare landscape when defining their strategy.

New ways of serving customers

Vintura led a number of working sessions with a client’s core team in order to get answers to the following questions:

  • What changes are we going to face?
  • Who do we want to be and what is our common purpose?
  • What does our market look like and what services should be offered?
  • How should we organize ourselves in order to be able to offer these services in an effective manner without making concessions to quality?

The Basis for the future

Vintura helped the client lay the basis for a pharmacy that is ready to continue to play an important part in the healthcare landscape in order to help customers as effectively as possible. Our starting point was its current strength – that is, very highly qualified employees and the network of pharmacies throughout the country. Solutions are:

  • As well as their role in dispensing medication, a number of new services have been added.
  • A number of activities have been centralized in order to achieve greater effectiveness and quality.
  • Differentiation in the type of pharmacy (full service to a pick-up point)

The organization is itself setting about the task of developing the new range of services and will be rolling them out in phases for the various pharmacies and the central offices.

I believe in really knuckling down with the client. Combining their know-how and information with my experience and creativity results in solutions they love.