Strategic plan as part of financing

Solid foundations for long-term plans

This large hospital, located across multiple sites, was facing a period of significant changes and the associated investments. It wanted to tighten up its portfolio of healthcare activities in order to safeguard financial continuity. This also meant creating a distinctive profile for each location, including the relocation of healthcare activities and the alignment of the building with the chosen profile. The entire operation had to be supported by a new EHR. The hospital asked Vintura to draw up an integrated strategic plan with financial projections in order to support the long-term financing application.

Refine existing vision into integrated strategic and financial plan

The hospital had already developed a vision for various subjects. What was missing, however, was an integrated and broadly supported strategy whose financial feasibility had been tested.

Together with a small team of medical and business managers, we developed a vision centred around how the hospital shapes Value-Based Healthcare. This was further developed by various working groups composed with a diversity of medical personnel, support staff, patients and client council. Finally, based on this we worked together with a compact team put together by the client to draft an integrated strategic plan with a solid financial basis.

Banks provide confidence for long-term financing

The resulting strategic plan has received approval both internally and among financiers. Internally, it provides the desired clarity that allows everyone to view the aspects with which they are involved in the context of the bigger picture. The banks have provided the necessary funding on the basis of the plan, and are confident that the hospital will maintain its healthy position in the long term.

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