Strategic Hospital Partnership

Combining Strengths

Two leading Dutch hospitals were convinced that combining their strengths could make them a world-beater in care and research. An initial assessment had confirmed that they seemed to complement one another well. But they also realized that any form of merger or alliance would entail a complex process, and one they needed to set about with great care. So they asked Vintura to produce a good business plan for their proposed strategic partnership.

Specialist Cooperation

We delivered a well-considered plan including a clear synergy analysis, a proposed governance structure, a comprehensive risk assessment, and detailed financial calculations. On our recommendation, another important element was added to the assignment: bringing together medical specialists from the two hospitals from the outset, to identify and develop new joint opportunities in care and research. In this way we encouraged actual cooperation “on the workfloor” before the final business plan was even ready. That turned out to be an astute move.

Goals-Driven Alliance

Based upon our business plan and the risks it highlighted, the two boards decided that an alliance would be the legal form for the partnership. Meanwhile, their own collaborations meant that the specialists now backed closer cooperation with the kind of enthusiasm essential to a solid alliance. The result: concrete joint initiatives with demonstrable benefits in both care (reducing waiting times, etc.) and research (patient inclusion, etc.). The two hospitals are actively supporting these and intend to encourage more.

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