Speeding up the time needed for bringing innovations from the lab to patients​


A local association representing the national biotech industry ensures that biotech innovations become available as fast as possible to as many as possible people that can benefit from it, by addressing obstacles that are standing in the way of biotech front runners. 

The association asked Vintura to support their patient access program, during the recruitment period for a new program manager, in order to ensure that the program activities to continue as planned. 


Vintura provided a Senior Consultant that worked with colleagues from the association on:​​

  • Mapping the local process of access and reimbursement for orphan drugs and the main hurdles experienced by members in this process. 
  • Formulating the association’s contribution to the Ministry of Health consultation on conditional access and reimbursement.


We are proud that we could help this national association with a fast solution. The association can use the developed materials in the coming period to represent the biotech industry operating in their country.​​

As part of this, bringing forward win-win-win solutions is crucial: solutions that are beneficial for health, innovation and sustainability at the same time. 

Want to know more on mapping the local process of access and reimbursement?