Setting up an innovative talent development program

Facilitating cross-regional talent development

Our client asked our help in setting up an open and easily accessible talent develop program for a group of over 500 employees working in over 30 countries. The aim of this program was to:

  • support employees in further developing their skills
  • connect participants with the larger cross-regional community
  • leverage diversity by creating cross-regional learning & exchange of experiences

Facilitating broad inspiration and deep learning

Together with the client, we developed an online program, consisting of 5 real-time sessions. During each 1-hour session, short theoretical presentations and videos provided participants with theory and inspiration. The short presentations were alternated with online group discussions to connect, share, reflect and apply.

The real-life sessions inspired participants to deepen their personal learning experience by using the online community. This online community supported the real-time sessions by providing additional materials, training opportunities and room for posts and discussions.

A tailor-made and interactive online program

The first online session was fully dedicated to the identification of the learning needs of participants. The use of an online tool to facilitate group discussions and consensus building allowed for the identification of 4 topics to address in the program. During and after each session, interactive feedback was collected in order to continuously improve the program. The result: around 40% of all targeted talents participated in the program and over 75% of these participants rated the sessions as good to very good. Altogether, the use of innovative online tools allowed for an inspiring and cross-regional talent development program, set-up in a very attractive, accessible and efficient way.

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