Restructuring of clinical pharmacy provides more patient-oriented and efficient care

Clinical pharmacy can be more customer-oriented and more efficient

The Clinical Pharmacy at an STZ (collaborative academic) hospital was aiming to make improvements on various fronts, because the different units were not working together as efficiently as they could. In addition, the front and back-office processes needed to be more customer-oriented and more efficient, respectively. The management asked Vintura to supervise the first stages in the restructuring process.

The whole management team involved with the details

When designing the new organization and deciding on the details of the workforce, we closely involved the managers of the results-accountable units and the operational managers. This enabled us to restructure the organization in a very short time, including the consultative structure, KPIs, and workforce. It also meant that the changes had a high level of support and that they could take effect in a very short time.

Joint treatment ensures better patient care

The new organizational structure enables Clinical Pharmacy to be more closely involved with the best-possible treatment of patients, which leads to better patient care. This is because the hospital pharmacists in particular are able to be in the clinic more frequently (joint treatment). The support processes at the front office have been reduced to a minimum and transferred to a streamlined central back office.