Recovery plan for hospital with financial problems

Unsustainable downturn must be reversed

This hospital observed in the first quarter that its financial results had significantly deteriorated. Previously implemented measures appeared to be counterproductive, threatening a loss of millions. The client foresaw that far-reaching measures would be needed to achieve the necessary improvement in results, but wanted to be able to continue realizing its ambitions and objectives in the long term. The Executive Board asked Vintura to lead the project in order to make this possible.

Working together towards a new future

We went through an intensive process together that resulted in a concrete recovery plan that relieves the worries of the banks in the short term, but also guarantees the hospital’s long-term ambitions. Features of the approach included:

  • a weekly steering committee meeting with representatives from the Executive Board, medical specialists and Vintura;
  • a future-oriented view with complete openness about incorrect choices made in the past;
  • identifying improvement potential based on factual analyses and benchmarks;
  • defining measures jointly with relevant managers.

In particular, the formation of a team with a constructive, future-oriented approach proved to be crucial for achieving ambitious results in the very short term.

Recovery plan for a financially healthy hospital

In just four months of working together, we developed a solid, concrete recovery plan that will lead to an improvement in results of twenty million euros. Although this plan includes painful measures, there is broad support for its necessity and confidence in the choices that have been made. Furthermore, during the project we developed a new organisation with accompanying leadership that will ensure the feasibility of the measures.

We are proud to have achieved substantial improvements in results without compromising on quality and safety for patients in the region. The client appreciates Vintura’s contribution, which combines substantive focus with creating support and the capacity for change. The Executive Board is in control again, and the hospital and its patients once again have long-term prospects.

Glad to discuss how to continue realizing hospital ambitions and objectives in the long term.