Prioritizing Product Launches

Optimizing Market Access

With plenty of product launches in the pipeline, the future looked promising for a pharma company. But that also caused a dilemma: where to implement which products for maximum patient impact? So Vintura was called in to build a model to support the complex decision-making process.

Finding the Right Parameters

We started with a group discussion to analyse the market readiness for each product, and therefore its chances of success. From these parameters and additional information we gathered, we then developed a decision-support model as input for a brainstorming session to determine launch sequences for the different products in different countries.

Simplifying Decision-Making

Thanks to our model, the client was able to significantly simplify a complex decision-making process. Discussion now centers around a fixed set of indicators, rather than gut feeling alone. In fact, the model has predicted the right recommendations in 90 percent of all cases. Result: a solid market-access strategy for a whole series of exciting new products.

I believe in really knuckling down with the client. Combining their know-how and information with my experience and creativity results in solutions they love.