Outward-Looking Strategy

Maintaining Successful Course

A successful teaching hospital asked for our support in developing its new strategy. We had already helped with the previous version, focusing upon clear choices so as to excel in a limited number of key areas, but that now needed an overhaul to make it:

  • more outward-looking;
  • more focused in its objectives and how to achieve them;
  • more responsive to an environment changing faster than ever; and,
  • more receptive to the needs of patients, health insurers, and staff.

Clear Collective Choices

The client took the lead in the strategic development process. Our role was to provide a clear structure, program management and external perspectives. We began with a thorough analysis of the current situation, internal and external, reviewing both its “hard” and “soft” aspects. We discussed the hospital’s mission and vision with the board to help devise new strategic goals, and held several “pressure-cooker” sessions with current and future leaders. These enabled us to compile the final strategy and to design a comprehensive communications program.


The new strategy has attracted an enthusiastic response from staff, patients, and insurers – all thanks to a well-run process drawing in many different points of view, plus a board willing to make clear decisions about the portfolio. And also not afraid to hold a mirror up to itself when it came to strengthening the leadership of the organization. A real benefit if the goals it has set are to be achieved.

I believe in creative dialogues within multidisciplinary teams, and also in making the most of organizations’ own strengths. We build the best solutions together.