New planning process for outpatients’ centre

New planning process for outpatients' centre results in considerable growth in capacity.

Operational challenges

A department in a hospital was facing considerable operational challenges when planning its resources in relation to the outpatients’ center. The use of resources, especially the use of doctors, was not well coordinated with actual care demands. Doctors were finding the pressure of their work too great. Waiting lists were getting longer.

The hospital asked Vintura to help restructure their planning organization in order to create harmony and regularity, and to ensure that the available resources were used more effectively and more efficiently. Read here about our apporach in process optimization for hospitals.

Restructuring the planning organization

The project started with a joint analysis in which every element that plays a part in the integrated planning process was identified. On the basis of this analysis, we drew up an implementation plan to enable us to introduce integrated planning in the hospital step-by-step. One such step was the setting up of a new planning organization with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. The department implemented new planning models, including a basic timetable plan. We devised clear monthly reports on the basis of data from the EPD (electronic medical record).

Harmony, rhythm, and a considerable increase in volume

The implementation of the integrated planning has created a great deal of clarity in the hospital. The department is now in a position to deploy manpower from a strategic perspective, and so better manage the organization. This has yielded excellent results:

  • harmony and rhythm in the department,
  • a considerable rise in production, and
  • waiting lists more under control.

A strong Plan–Do–Check–Act cycle ensures long-lasting and continuous improvements.

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