Implementation of new logistical concept increases efficiency and level of service

New logistical concept is needed

Our client, a large general hospital, was carrying out a major renovation. The challenge for Vintura was to design a logistical concept for this, in which articles would always be available. The design options had to put patients and caregivers first. In addition, the workload of the caregivers must not increase, and we also had to minimize the amount of storage space that was needed.

Joint design creates support for successful implementation

We started designing the new logistical concept using lean management techniques. We made the way in which storage and stock management were carried out dependent on the type of article, such as disposable products (like diapers) or more durable items (such as lifting devices). We implemented the concept together with the relevant care departments; they determined which articles fell into which category. That way, we generated both understanding of the logistical concept and support for its implementation.

New logistical concept saves space and ftes!

We then implemented the logistical concept in the two departments that had been renovated – within the time limits and budgets agreed in advance, obviously. Thanks to careful coordination beforehand and with the help of a clear implementation plan, it went very smoothly. The new logistical concept has resulted in 1.5 FTEs becoming available for direct patient care and a saving of 70% storage space!

It gives me a huge energy boost, together with the client and my colleagues, to find the ideal solution.