Multidisciplinary mobility center

Patient-centric mobility center

Patients with mobility-related complaints often find themselves being sent from one specialist to another. However, they would be far better served by receiving integrated multidisciplinary care. A leading hospital asked us to write a business plan for the purpose of setting up a patient-centric mobility and rehabilitation center.

Step-by-step business plan

During three months we worked in partnership with the departments involved with mobility-related care. Full of enthusiasm, we set about creating the building blocks of the business plan during interactive work sessions. We researched the market and the specialists determined the focus and the ambitions of the mobility center. Together, we identified the investments that were needed in care pathways, facilities, staffing, and collaboration. Finally, we created a plan for putting forward our proposition, which included a new organizational design.

Improvements in care have already been achieved

During this brief process, we succeeded in bringing the departments closer together. Even as early as the design stage this led to better patient care, because the specialists were better connected to each other.

The implementation of the mobility center has started. This will help the hospital achieve its aim of genuinely putting patients first, resulting in improved care outcomes.

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