Moving healthcare to a future-proof location

Current hospital location not future-proof

A large hospital with multiple locations was facing an important choice. The building at one of its locations was outdated and would require substantial investment to make it suitable for modern healthcare.
The hospital asked Vintura to provide support in deciding the optimal scenario for delivering future-proof healthcare. Which care should be provided in which place?

We considered various scenarios:

  • renovate the current location,
  • relocate all healthcare activities to already existing hospital locations in another place,
  • acquire another building in the same place (new/existing; rent/purchase) or
  • a combination of the above.

In addition, the hospital asked Vintura to help develop a blueprint for the new situation.

Scenario analysis for substantiated decision on location of healthcare activities

In order to arrive at the right decision about the optimal location for the provision of care, we mapped all specialisms to determine what is necessary for providing good care, and also made clear the volumes involved. We also involved external stakeholders (physicians, municipality) early in the process.

Based on the needs and desires, different scenarios were drawn up and assessed on the basis of feasibility, desirability and financial impact. This meant that a well-substantiated but also well-supported decision could be made to close the current building, transfer parts of the healthcare to other hospital locations, and move the majority to a new building – an efficient and patient-friendly solution.

In close cooperation with those directly involved (doctors, nurses, department heads and housing), we developed a blueprint for the new situation.

Blueprint for new locations and implementation plan

Relocation is accompanied by change, impacts many departments, and is therefore quite challenging. Due to the carefulness of the decision-making process and the involvement of many stakeholders, there was much support for the decision, both internally and externally.

The result is a blueprint that satisfies the wishes and requirements of the end users. In addition to that, an important step has been taken in organizing enablers together with the municipality, among others, and we have developed an implementation plan.

The new location will serve as a model for the new way of working within the hospital: patient-friendly, flexible and efficient. The result: significant cost savings for the hospital, and a substantial upgrading in the future-proofing of the facilities.

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