Maternity Care in the Spotlight

Love at First Sight?

For many of us, our first experience with a hospital is when we have a child. If that initial contact is a success, then the institution has a “customer for life”. Certainly, every hospital in the Netherlands is now aware of the importance of well-organized maternity provision. The care itself needs to be outstanding, of course, but so should its extra services for parents – fathers as well as mothers. With this in mind, a large regional hospital came to Vintura for ideas on how to put its maternity care in the spotlight.

Excellent Family Care

We helped the hospital to investigate which aspects of its obstetric provision needed strengthening. That meant taking a critical look at both its internal organization and its facilities. And we challenged the client head to be sure that its initial plans could count on broad support from the health insurers as they buy its services.

A Happy Customer

Vintura supported the hospital with both the clinical and the financial aspects of its maternity business plan. As a result, the Obstetrics Department was able to provide the board with a sound plan presenting a clear vision, including a well-argued request for investment. Like happy parents, we and the client can now look back at the successful delivery of a better-organized maternity center with a much clearer public profile.

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