Making optimum use of capacity

Waiting list targets must be reached

This hospital had difficulty in reaching the national waiting list targets and therefore in meeting its market obligations. This was caused by not using the available capacity in the care chain flexibly or efficiently. The hospital asked Vintura to help them determine how they could plan their capacity in an integrated manner in order to resolve these problems and what strategic choices would be needed for this purpose.

Together, we determined the starting points for integrated capacity

To arrive at the right solutions, we decided to organize a work session for a multidisciplinary group of 25 people. Through a series of interviews, a clear picture of the situation, problem areas, options, and people’s wishes was gained in advance. During the session, we looked at what integrated capacity planning actually is and how it could help them. The hospital’s strategy was then translated into a number of policy principles that the new planning method had to meet. An important starting point was that patients are the most important priority, even if this results in a reduced level of manpower.

Starting point for ‘well-organized healthcare’

During this short assignment, we and the client were able to:

  • create clarity about the problem,
  • determine what measures were needed in order to resolve the problem, and
  • define a clear sequence of action to be taken in order to solve the problem.

This all has the support of the various parties – managers, doctors, nursing staff, and planners. The hospital is now taking the first steps towards integrated capacity management and is therefore better able to help patients within the prevailing access norms. It is also better able to use its manpower and create greater clarity in how it is performing.
This will eventually lead to better and more accessible healthcare for patients.

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