Launch strategy and approach for hematology brand

Launch of an orphan hematology drug

A major international pharma player planned to launch an orphan hematology drug that would impact significantly on their reputation in the field of hematology but that had limited value potential. Since the company already had a broad portfolio in the field of hematology, this therapeutic area was of strategic importance. The business question to Vintura was two-fold. Firstly, how could the product be launched in an effective way with minimal resources; and secondly, how could sufficient internal and external attention be secured when the market was dominated by much bigger hematology products?

Three-phase approach of market entry strategy

We formulated a brand positioning and market entry strategy based on the brand opportunity and the relevant healthcare professional. We translated the market entry strategy into a three-phase approach: market entry, market development, market maintenance. The key driver was to achieve the maximum impact with the minimum level of investment. This phased approach was converted into an organizational set-up that involved limited human resources using alternative commercial tools and processes.

Roll out

We formulated a clear strategy for market entry. The strategy was validated for five key countries and approved by the European management board. This strategy was then rolled out across EMEA for the launch of the orphan hematology drug.

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