Is the secondary site a second-class site?

Formed as a result of mergers, a new hospital has found itself operating on several sites. Complex care for high-risk patients is concentrated at the main hospital, with more straightforward provision at a secondary location. The care delivered there is less complex, and its facilities are not as advanced. Moreover, the site is not being exploited to the full: there are empty and underused units, and the place has a run-down image. The hospital asked Vintura to suggest ways of making more effective use of its secondary location.

Ideal profile: a first-class site

Working with the hospital’s board, management, and medical staff, we compiled an ideal profile for its secondary site. Thorough analysis of all the available figures showed that it had real growth potential. Our conclusion was that it should become a prime location for certain specialties. Not all medical care is highly complex. In fact, the great majority of patients are not seriously ill. What they are looking for is good basic treatment. And, as the various care providers came to realize, the secondary site is perfect for that. Its small scale appeals to older patients and its short lines simplify the logistics, thus opening up great opportunities for specialties wanting to forge ahead in their work.

Renewed pride in basic care

The result is a site profile presenting a bright future for the hospital’s secondary location. And with a really positive side-effect: it has renewed staff and management’s pride in the care they deliver. Specialties wanting to help improve the facility now receive the institutional backing they need, in the form of sufficient surgical capacity and enough beds to achieve their ambition. In addition, the hospital has closed beds at the main site so as to create pressure to use the secondary one.

It gives me a huge energy boost, together with the client and my colleagues, to find the ideal solution.