Diagnostic Scan and Improvement Program for Medical Department

Are we future proof?

The Medical Department of a Benelux pharma affiliate was facing multiple challenges:
• the department was newly formed;
• the company had experienced recent patent losses;
• the uptake of new products was delayed and
• a promising innovative pipeline required a new market approach.
Vintura was asked to assess whether the department was ready to cope with these challenges and, specifically, to evaluate its medical excellence.

Bottom-up Assessment

Our diagnostic scan combined Vintura’s standard online benchmark survey with interviews with the entire team, plus selected internal and external stakeholders. We focused on goals, competencies, and team dynamics. Together with the department, we then evaluated outcomes, challenged leadership, addressed sensitivities, and identified improvement opportunities. The following year we conducted two further surveys to check progress.

The Heart of the Organization

Our improvement program contained simple yet concrete actions. Just a year later, the department is flourishing. In fact, it has become the beating heart of the organization. Nearly every aspect has improved significantly, with average departmental survey scores jumping from 5 to 7 out of 10 or higher. Personal leadership has strengthened, engagement has improved, goals are clear, governance has been enhanced, and core competencies are better than ever.

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