Image-Led Interventions

Major Investment

The Imaging Department of an academic hospital needed to expand its radiotherapy capacity. Not just to meet increasing regional demand from patients, but also to facilitate the clinical introduction of an important innovation: the MRI-guided linear accelerator. The department asked Vintura to develop a business plan.

Unique Expertise

In a thorough analysis of the situation, we first asked how the expansion plans fitted into the hospital’s overall strategy. Their principal contribution, we found, lay in the department’s unique expertise in imaging-led oncological intervention techniques. On that basis, we then joined with medical and business professionals to develop a clear business plan to fully exploit that know-how through a new specialist center, in a new building.

International Leader

Implementation of the plan would cost more than €20 million. But after careful consideration, including a review by outside experts, the hospital authorities decided to approve the budget. The right choice, because the investment has more than paid off. Growing rapidly, the new center has pioneered the clinical application of several new techniques and is now an international leader in its field.