Governing Launch Readiness at Regional level

Relatively inexperienced country offices

Our client, one of the world’s largest multinational pharmaceutical companies, needed to ensure the successful launch of multiple new products in their region consisting of 15 relatively inexperienced and under resourced country offices. Vintura was asked to design a standardized way of working to optimize the multidisciplinary collaboration between the regional franchises and the countries.

Various forms of distance management

After assessment of the current situation with key stakeholders, Vintura defined four governance scenarios. These varied in their focus on control versus support from the region, and in the level of formalization of interactions between the region and the country. We assessed and ranked the options together with the client. The model we selected was a combined model that allowed for both providing support and control in a lean way.

Fruitful collaboration between region and countries

Our scenarios enabled the regional office to make conscious decisions on key principles for their distance management approach. The selected structure and set-up of meetings addressed the needs of both the countries and the region and made use of existing structures where possible. This gave a very good start to their intense working relation to bring exiting new products to patients in the coming years.