Functional plan to increase visibility patient relations department

Strengthen external positioning of the department

An international pharmaceutical company strongly believes that patients should have the ownership of their own health care needs. Nowadays patients are still not good prepared when visiting their doctor, which could result in a treatment not in line with the needs of the patient. The patient relations department holds a pivotal role in realizing this believe. So far the department had some good ad hoc successes, however not yet the required relation with the external stakeholders to play the required role. The pharmaceutical company asks Vintura to support them in realizing a functional plan to strengthen their external positioning.

A concrete and simple action plan for 2016

The project sponsor asked for a crisp and simple plan to focus the activities for the coming year(s). In just a few weeks:

  • We interviewed the ‘internal clients’ to understand what they need from the patient relations department.
  • We performed an external analyses to understand the trends and unmet needs of the external clients (patient associations).
  • We did two workshops with the department to understand success factors of last year and to determine the long term ambition and short terms actions. During the workshops we have combined the knowledge of the client with our expertise to ensure the right strategies were selected and to make the actions as concrete as possible.

The outcomes of the worksessions were used to build the functional plan and a concrete action plan for 2016.

Delivering patient impact

Our client believes that being ill should not put the patient apart. Helping people to be fit for work and private life is how our client wants to make a remarkable impact to the lives of men, women and children. The patient relations department plays a pivotal role in achieving this believes. Together with the client we have selected the strategies and actions to empower the patient and to ensure the voice of the patient is heard in the consultation room.

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