Frameworks for planning in the hospital

Merger of hospital requires harmonisation of planning

A merging hospital was faced with the challenge of harmonising planning and logistics, partly due to the arrival of a new joint EMR. Planning was organised differently for each of the two locations (and for the departments themselves). Vintura was commissioned to work together with an internal core team to draft a framework document for planning and logistics in which strategic starting points were translated into planning principles that would apply across the board.

Creating frameworks with multidisciplinary involvement

The approach had three important features: multidisciplinary involvement, insight and connection. We organised three plenary sessions for more than 50 participants from both locations (medical practitioners and operations and support staff), and conducted 20 interviews in the meantime. During the sessions we created insight into and understanding for planning and logistics. We also took an interactive approach to facilitating the discussion on this by using, for example, a management game about chain planning.

Uniform framework as basis for per-unit translation

The primary aim – uniform frameworks for planning and logistics – was realised with great enthusiasm. In the future, patients will proceed smoothly through the healthcare process, and will experience a large degree of personal control in this. An important additional result is the connection that this process has forged on a personal level between the healthcare professionals at both locations. The collaboration has got off to a solid start!