Exploring new partnership opportunities in palliative care

Support of palliative care can be simplified and improved

The support of the palliative care field is spread across a multitude of parties, resulting in a lot of uncertainty and inefficiency. Agora, Fibula and IKNL see added value in exploring opportunities to collaborate in order to offer greater added value and reduce fragmentation. They have asked Vintura to help them in achieving this.

Intensive collaboration to shape future support

During a number of joint sessions with the directors of Agora, Fibula and IKNL, we first determined the ambition shared by the three organisations. In a subsequent session, we identified the core tasks necessary for achieving this ambition. At the final session, we jointly assessed several collaborative and organisational options, and selected the most desirable and feasible of these.

Fibula and the IKNL palliative care unit to form a new organisation together

At the moment, Fibula and the IKNL palliative care unit are collaborating on further developing the details of the new organisation. They have now opted for a cooperative as an organisational form and plan to establish the new organisation by 2018. Agora has decided to continue independently for the time being, but supports the notion that a cooperative would tackle the issue of fragmentation. Agora will decide at a later time whether it will still join the cooperative.