EU portfolio management and resource allocation

Desire for alternative to incremental thinking about growth

The head of the European region of a multinational pharma company wants to be able to have a consistent view of growth opportunities across the entire product portfolio and across all 31 European countries. This view needed to be enable discussions on growth opportunities beyond the more ‘incremental and budget-driven’ discussions the European management team regularly has.

Joint effort to develop a new way of looking at the portfolio

During multiple working sessions with the client team, Vintura developed a portfolio analysis methodology that allows viewing the portfolio from multiple angles, e.g. by product, by country, etc. In each view, growth potential above already forecasted growth by 2021 is shown.

Having working sessions with a cross-functional team and regular steering committee meetings ensured both a solid methodology and senior-level buy-in of the results.

Identified substantial hidden opportunities for growth

Applying the portfolio analysis methodology to all products and countries in Europe revealed a growth potential double the forecasted total European sales for 2021.
During the strategy workshop with the European management team, each country manager identified three priority growth opportunities in his/her country to capture as much from the identified potential as possible. Subsequently, each general manager stated an ambition of how much of the potential he would capture by 2021. The sum of these ambitions totaled over € 400 million on top of already forecasted sales growth in the financial plans for 2021.