Disease selection for R&D focus

Mission is to have real impact on patient’s life

Our client, a pharmaceutical company, wanted to focus their future R&D activities by identifying those diseases with the highest impact on patient’s life. Our client’s mission is to develop transformative therapies for rare diseases. Within the domain of rare diseases there is an overwhelming unmet medical need, as there are only a few really effective therapies for the thousands of rare diseases. They asked Vintura for help.

Identifying diseases with highest unmet needs

Our approach: together with the client we developed an analyses model with multiple criteria to determine the optimal diseases to focus on. Comprehensive data on 50 diseases was gathered by desk research. We validated these data in interviews with disease experts and the data was checked with medical experts from the client. All data was analysed and insights were presented in a disease dashboard.

Focus Research and Development on 15 rare diseases

The analyses resulted in a clear top 15 of diseases with the highest medical need and chance of successful Market Access. This insight is now being used to focus the R&D activities. The ambition is to introduce new transformative therapies and thereby really making an impact on patient life’s’.

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