Development of VBHC training curriculum

VBHC requires development of new capabilities

Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) creates value for patients by improving patient outcomes while at the same time maintaining costs for health systems. Being an early mover, by initiating VBHC-initiatives, provides a pharma company a great opportunity to reposition itself against competitors. In order to earn a future position in the VBHC domain by delivering value solutions to patients, new capabilities are required. To build these capabilities, our client, a pharmaceutical company, asked us to develop a modular curriculum which develops both VBHC leadership and execution skills.

Targeted training to deliver all VBHC needs

Using the guiding principles for impactful training development, we developed targeted VBHC trainings, each for a defined audience. Where possible, training was developed in co-creation in order to maximize adoption by our client’s local teams. As a result, the training modules are fit for its purpose: for leading the local VBHC implementation in an operating company or brand team we developed a 2-hour leadership module linking the global VBHC trend to leading the internal change. For setting up partnerships with external stakeholders and executing VBHC initiatives in local markets we developed in-depth training building the capabilities and confidence to apply VBHC locally.

VBHC implementation within EMEA countries and core brands

Due to the modular approach, implementation is adapted to the maturity of the local operating company. The VBHC training curriculum is currently being rolled out across the EMEA region: it is part of the current business planning cycle in the six leading countries in Europe, and is adopted by three core brand teams. This means VBHC is already part of next year’s plans and will eventually impact many patients across Europe.

Having the right capabilities is one of the key success factors for VBHC implementation. This is the case for all stakeholders in healthcare (care providers, insurer companies and pharmaceutical companies). Vintura can help to build these capabilities by delivering training with impact: strong in content and adapted to the local needs.