Developing an organisation-wide strategy

A clear and supported course for the future

  • Which healthcare should we invest in more, and in which less?
  • How do we ensure that we connect properly with patients so that they receive the best care?
  • How can we collaborate successfully with the parties around us?
  • How can we optimally arrange our organization, locations and processes?
  • What sort of culture and leadership are best suited to this?

Staff at a leading clinical hospital were considering these strategic questions when they requested support from Vintura in the development of a new strategy for the whole hospital. The aim of the new strategy was clear: to determine a direct course that would ensure the hospital’s success through the provision of ‘Value Based Healthcare’ – optimal patient healthcare for every euro spent.

The strategy had to be both for and originate from employees. There were to be no long documents; instead, it should be concise and comprehensible, with information that appeals to everyone.

Involving stakeholders within and outside the hospital

In developing the strategy, we listened closely to all of the various stakeholders, including patients, general practitioners, directors from other hospitals, insurers, and of course, employees. They helped to focus the ambitions for the future during plenary meetings. Together with filmed interviews with external stakeholders, this provided enriching insights for the new strategy. We received the answers to questions such as: “In which areas should we really distinguish ourselves?” and: “How can we collaborate even better in order to provide optimal healthcare for the patient?”

Vintura worked together with staff strategy teams to work out the details and provide a focused strategy in the form of a short presentation and an appealing film summarizing the strategy.

A committed result, implementation already under way

The hospital now has a strategy that will enable it to remain successful in the future and provide optimal healthcare to its patients. These are clear ambitions supported within the organization. And not only within the organization; the clear strategy together with a solid financial plan,  have been reason enough to convince banks to provide a loan, for an important investment that had to be made. The extensive involvement of staff in the development process means that implementation is already under way!