Defining the local VBHC strategy, together

Need for a local VBHC vision, ambition and strategy

The local affiliate of a top pharmaceutical organization, the global leader in an oncology indication, asked Vintura for help. They wanted to co-create a local vision, ambition and strategy for VBHC.

The organization is slowly adopting VBHC thinking at the global level however not yet within the local affiliate. Since the local affiliate is based in a VBHC frontrunner country they want to define if they should adopt VBHC, what they should focus on and how they should prepare the organization in order to be successful.

Success through cross functional internal working sessions

To ensure full organizational buy in, the VBHC strategy was developed with a cross functional team through two full day working sessions. The first session focused on identifying why our client should engage in VBHC, what their vision is on VBHC and formulating a high level ambition. In the second working session the team focused on discussing what they could deliver and how they should organize to deliver. In between the working sessions we conducted interviews with the local leadership team and several external stakeholders to internally align on and externally validate the strategy.

A strategy to further improve patient value

The final result is a compelling story detailing why our client should engage in VBHC, what value they can bring to the patients and how this can be implemented. This story will be presented to the leadership team for approval after which it will be implemented. This way our client will take major steps moving towards being a real healthcare partner focused on improving patient outcomes.

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