Center for Geriatic Medicine

Optimizing care for elderly patients

The number of elderly patients in Dutch hospitals continues to increase in both absolute and relative terms. When hospitalized, elderly patients have an increased risk of loss of functional ability. This makes them less capable of carrying out daily activities independently when they come home. Furthermore, some elderly patients receive too much care when in hospital, while others do not receive enough care. In short, it is important that hospitals optimize the organization of care for this growing group of vulnerable patients.  A specialized clinical hospital asked Vintura to work with the department of geriatric medicine to develop a strategic plan to improve care for the elderly. The hospital is situated in a region where the number of elderly people is set to double within the next few years.

Identifying and building on current achievements

Together with the doctors and staff at the department of geriatric medicine, we carefully defined the objectives and the desired position of geriatric medicine within the hospital and the region. We then assessed what the team has achieved so far and which steps are necessary to achieve our ambitions. These points were recorded in a business plan. The business plan outlines the steps that the hospital is going to take within the next 2 years in order to promote the importance of geriatric medicine. It also clearly states the necessary investments and the expected revenues. One of the most significant steps is the creation of a new center for geriatric medicine within the hospital.

A clear plan for the years ahead

The hospital now has a concrete and ambitious approved business plan for the next 2 years. This plan will enable the team to build on current achievements. By developing a Center for Geriatric Medicine, the hospital is preparing for the increase in the number of elderly patients, and elderly patients in the region can expect even better care.

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