Care Concept Guides Reorganization

Directing Development

Throughout their merger process, two oncology care organizations were looking for firm anchors and clear direction to develop common processes and structures. Their core questions: “What is our distinctive proposition?” and “What does that mean for our patients, our people, our processes, our choices, and our activities?” Vintura was asked to build a clear, inspiring, and guiding care concept.

Defining the Concept

In collaboration with the client’s team, we first developed an exact definition of the care concept: “What exactly is it, and what should it include?” We also formulated a shared mission statement for the two organizations. From this base we then used patient flow (from referral to aftercare) to specify relevant elements of the concept at each stage. With a number of multidisciplinary teams working on this process – including one made up of patients – we did not shy away from difficult discussions or hard choices.

Practical Application

Next, the concept was translated into an external version for patients, to manage their expectations, and an internal one providing concrete guidance for day-to-day care so that practitioners know what to expect from another. Together, these provide the clear, widely supported basis the client was looking for.

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