Vintura part of the partnership program of ICHOM

We are proud to announce our collaboration with the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurements (ICHOM) as implementation partner. With this partnership we further build on our strategy to provide the best support to our clients in their value-based healthcare journeys.

“ICHOM is pleased to announce its partnership with Vintura. The partnership is founded on Vintura’s deep understanding of VBHC strategy which focuses on making outcomes measurable and their extensive knowledge and experience with implementing ICHOM standard sets.”

Outcomes to evaluate the result of a treatment are key in the VBHC approach developed by prof Porter. The ICHOM organization is focusing on developing standardized outcome sets. This partnership enables us to get access to the latest insights in standardized outcome sets developed by the experts via the ICHOM organization. We will leverage this knowledge in our client projects to embed latest thinking and using best practices from earlier experiences.

Mark Tolboom, Partner at Vintura” We are extremely excited to be part of the part of the ICHOM partnership program. With this program we can further increase our efforts to support the transformation towards a Value-Based healthcare system across Europe”

Within Vintura we have already many years of extensive expertise with VBHC. We support our clients with their VBHC challenges in four different ways:

  1. Determining VBHC strategy and setting up the program.
  2.  Implementing outcome set to measure the performance.
  3. Establishing and organizing integrated patient pathways.
  4. Ensuring the outcomes are used for health care evaluation (amongst clinicians and with health care insurers)

Combining the latest thinking and experiences on outcome set in our already proven approach will deliver a lot of additional value for our clients.

If you have any questions or want to explore the possibilities were Vintura can help in creating a Value-Based Healthcare strategy, feel free to contact Koen Jansen.