The value of innovative medicines in Europe is tremendous!

Medicines and vaccines are some of the most powerful tools in helping people all over Europe live longer, healthier and more productive lives. Since the 1980’s we have seen death rates from HIV fall by over 80%, since the 1990’s deaths from cancer have fallen by 20% and recent pharmaceutical innovation means 95% of people living with Hepatitis C can be cured through an 8-12 week course of medicines.

These advances are helping us to address unmet needs and tackle the world’s most debilitating diseases. Giving new hope and transforming the lives of patients.

Together with EFPIA, Vintura and Equalis have further explored the real impact innovation has had on European:

  • Patients
  • Healthcare systems
  • Society

“Extremely professional and enthusiastic team and excellent understanding of the work requested. We loved working with Vintura!”​ – Client Project Sponsor​ NPS 10

We worked with healthcare and patient experts to quantify and understand the impact across a series of case studies: 

  1. HPV vaccination to prevent cervical cancer 
  1. Allowing RA patients to live a normal life with biologics 
  1. The DAAs: a paradigm shift in chronic Hepatitis C treatment 
  1. Immuno- & targeted therapy saving melanoma patient lives 

We look back at a great collaboration delivering exciting and compelling results​ confirming the tremendous value pharmaceutical innovations bring to Europe. 

You can find the report using the following link: https://efpia.eu/about-medicines/use-of-medicines/value-of-medicines/ 


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