Medical Transformation

An enabler to fulfil market demands and unmet needs.

Pharma companies are under pressure to prove the direct and indirect value of their medicines, devices and services to a wider, more diverse group of stakeholders. Medical Affairs is uniquely positioned to address this evolving dynamic market. Shifting global demographics, greater requirements for post-marketing evidence, increased safety concerns are some drivers to an increased strategic complexity. In order to drive the strategy, Medical Affairs need to:

  • Shift their mindset to engage into value driven discussions underpinned by science
  • Focus on patient-centricity
  • Start collaborating cross-functionally

Shift from science to value health economics, medical, patient reported outcomes measures (proms)

Key building blocks & tailored training sessions enable mindset shift, increasing the effectiveness of scientific engagements. A value mindset provides Medical Affairs with the ability to properly and effectively handle customers’ concern.

Vintura has extensive experience in developing and implementing value stories that resonate with stakeholders’ demands and expectations.

Medical Affairs - Pilars - Current and future
Figure 1: Medical Affairs Transformation. ©Vintura 2019

Focus on patient-centricity: “educating the patient”

There are core elements, in which Vintura can support you, when it comes to patient centricity:

  • Understanding what patients need: We help you better understand patients’ experience & preferences and the ideal care pathway in order to best align with their evolving needs throughout the patient journey.
  • Tailor the strategy to cover patients’ unmet needs: Vintura can work with you to develop the best approach to implement a strategy that uses the patients’ needs as input to improve health outcomes.
  • Effective engagement & establishing long-lasting partnerships with hospitals: We understand the important role Medical Affairs can and should play. To be the voice of the patient and engage into ideal care pathway based on medical-scientific evidence can improve patient outcomes.

Internal and external cross-functional collaboration

Internal cross-functional collaborations facilitate the dissemination of knowledge. Local reimbursement landscape, pricing models and regulation are normally owned by the market and patient access department. Health-economic data is owned by health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) department. Therefore it is important to leverage and establish strong cross-functional relationship in order to improve Medical Affairs skills.

We have extensive experience in setting up successful collaborative and cross-functional trainings to refresh and educate on health-economic analysis, business acumen, local reimbursement and pricing landscape and strategies.

How can Vintura help you with the new role of Medical Affairs?

Vintura can support you in having a meaningful impact when together transforming Medical Affairs. Examples of our projects in Medical Affairs are:

  • Medical transformation: from science to value-based discussions / read more
  • Development of VBHC training curriculum / read more
  • Building the organizational VBHC capability / read more
  • Care cycle optimization to meet patient needs / read more
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