Our team

Marcos Gallego Llorente
Senior Consultant

I love helping clients to identify their innovation opportunities.

My knowledge and experience

I bring 4 years of professional experience at the interface between science, technology, healthcare, business and policymaking; combining a strong knowledge of digital health technologies, medical affairs, pharma strategy and AI regulation in healthcare. My Cambridge PhD in genetics, my paper in Science, my innovation consultancy experience at Cambridge Innovation Consulting, my policy work at the OECD, and my academic work at the IE University (collaborating with Eli Lilly and Company and the European Parliament) beautifully exemplify the work I do at this interface.

My contrbution

I love helping clients to identify innovation opportunities, exploit emerging market gaps, anticipate the needs to the clients of the future, and grow their innovation ecosystems. As well, I bring experience to the table in innovative clinical research models, technology-enabled product development, business model ideation and corporate strategy. This combination of work, knowledge and interests can be invaluable to big pharma, medtech, and biotech companies of all sizes.

I really enjoy understanding all moving parts of a project, getting excited about the specific challenge to solve, and bringing stakeholders of all domains to create the best possible answer.

About me

I have a passion for learning foreign languages (currently learning Arabic!), helping life sciences and medtech startups reach their most ambitious goals and travelling the world. As well, I deeply care about the positive impact that digital health can make in low- and middle-income countries.

I love helping clients to identify their innovation opportunities.