Transition towards more competitive and patient-focused organization

Local Medical Affairs not prepared to anticipate future trends in healthcare

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing from volume to value-driven and patient-driven healthcare. The Medical Affairs director of one of our clients, an international pharmaceutical company, asked us to help position his department to thrive in this new environment.

Focused on improving in four critical areas

Together with our client we designed the new organizational structure and defined the activities and desired behaviors required for success. We supported the change effort by setting up and managing four teams. We identified the actions required and subsequently, designed and implemented key initiatives, focused on four improvement areas:

  • Capabilities: instilling business acumen, strategic thinking, coaching skills
  • Mindset: fostering proactivity, energy and inspiration
  • Organizational structure: ensuring customer-centricity, agility, sharing lessons learned and connection to the business
  • Measuring & managing performance: defining KPIs, targets and dashboards.

Medical Affairs as a high-performing team establishing a competitive advantage

During the program, the team already showed a clear transition towards becoming high performing, more competitive and agile with a strong patient-focus and solid business acumen. This change was implemented without losing its key strengths in terms of scientific content expertise and leadership. Currently, the Medical Affairs team is well on its way to becoming a true strategic partner to both its internal and external stakeholders supporting the best possible care for patients.

I enjoy working in a team and I am convinced that you will always achieve a better end result by being critical and challenging each other’s ideas.