Medical Affairs in transition, towards a fully integrated model

“The only constant in life is change.” this is not different for Medical Affairs, but the pace of change in that space is accelerating. We are at a clear turning point and the future Medical Affairs function will look significantly different from what we see today in most pharma companies. Everyone is talking about it, but in practice, we see little change.

For many companies, what the future looks like is vague and the road towards it even vaguer. With this white paper, we aim to support Medical Affairs in its journey to a new future. We define a clear vision and ambition for the future of Medical Affairs. And, more importantly, we articulate a pragmatic stepwise approach to help Medical Affairs Leaders drive and guide their organisation in an important transformation. We encourage you to start defining your own ambition for Medical Affairs and initiate the journey towards it now.

Read all about it here and we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic!

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Interested in our view on Medical Affairs? Please also have a look at our newest white paper Medical Affairs as the connector, breaking down the silos to learn how Medical Affairs can act as internal connector and thereby improve the overall value proposition of the organization.​

Do you want to know how we help Medical Affairs leaders manager this transformation? Do you want more information or want to get started? Please contact Rianne Ernst or Mark Tolboom.

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