Strategy to become leading in patient engagement & advocacy

Patient engagement is seen as more and more important for the sustainable success of pharmaceutical companies. A top 10 pharma company is convinced that engaging patients in a structural way contributes to better innovations, delivered at the right time to the right patients.

Become leading in patient engagement

To achieve this objective, a patient engagement & advocacy (PE&A) team was founded around patient engagement & advocacy. The team has significantly grown in size and activities over the last years. Vintura was asked to support the PE&A team with their next step: defining a clear strategy to optimally prioritize efforts and maximize impact.

Interactive approach, together with patient

The foundation of the new strategy was laid by conducting several interviews with stakeholders: what do other departments expect, how to optimize impact, and what are barriers to overcome.

Vintura facilitated multiple interactive sessions with the full PE&A team and a patient advocate to shape the new strategy. Key elements were: why do we exist (what’s our mission?), how will we work together with our stakeholders (internal & external), what do we deliver and how to measure our success? By providing a clear structure for the strategy we assured that all important aspects where discussed.

Clear strategy, ready for the future

The result is a clear and focused strategy on patient engagement that has commitment from the full PE&A team and was positively validated with several stakeholders. The strategy helps to prioritize actions in a transparent manner and optimize the impact.

Within de company patient engagement is now truly interwoven in the core of the organization: the plans of other departments contain explicit objectives and activities around patient engagement that will result in positive impact on the business and healthcare system.

I enjoy working in a team and I am convinced that you will always achieve a better end result by being critical and challenging each other’s ideas.