Strategic account management to cope with new market dynamics

From product to account focus

The Dutch healthcare systems can be characterized as:

  • General high quality of care focusing on limiting pharma spending
  • Decentralized system with HICs and hospitals optimizing budgets

Since 2012 the innovative medication is within the hospital budget. Next to the prescriber the non prescribing stakeholder is gaining more importance in the contracting process. For the no-prescriber it is important to have an offering at account level rather then only on product level.

New go-to-market model for strategic accounts

The project execution was done in close collaboration with the client: a true co-creation project. Frequent hands-on working sessions ensured momentum was maintained, leading to a short delivery time. The new go to market model was designed for the top 25 strategic accounts.

The project focused on 3 levels:

  • Impact for the internal organization by focusing on the long term partnerships with focus on total portfolio.
  • Set up of the strategic account management function and the interaction with existing brand team structure.
  • Integrate VBHC methodology for the strategic account to deliver value beyond the medication.

Partnerships focusing on access to innovations for our patients

Due to the strategic account management approach our client is able to build long term partnerships focusing on improving patient relevant outcomes whilst optimizing the cost. First result revealed both cost savings on stakeholder side and increased sales on our client side – a true win-win.

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