Professionalizing European Project Organization

Disunited Project Management

The European Project Management Office (PMO) of a large pharmaceutical organization supports all its pan-European initiatives. This team consists of a pool of project leaders, spread across Europe and was used to a high degree of autonomy. As a result, there was no united team and everybody worked in their own way. For internal clients, it was not really clear what the PMO actually did (positioning). The company asked Vintura to professionalize the PMO team.

Formulating and Implementing Mission and Values

First, we asked all the project leaders to formulate the PMO’s mission and values. We then translated these into an identity, which we communicated to stakeholders. Together with the client, we standardized and implemented the core elements needed for good project management. For example, a project plan template, status dashboards, and Sharepoint documentation.

Engagement and Unity

By involving the project leaders in defining the mission and values, they felt part of a team again. That also increased their ability to learn from each other. The PM dashboard has given the organization a better insight into the portfolio and status of each project the team is supporting. And everyone is now working with the same standards. All of which have improved the quality of the PMO, and raised its profile.

It gives me a huge energy boost, together with the client and my colleagues, to find the ideal solution.