Maximising impact of external engagements

Our client is a global mid size pharmaceutical company with a historical focus on 1 mature product. They are making the switch to become an innovative portfolio company by launching a promising innovation in heart failure. Consequently, their Medical Affairs function needs to professionalize and evolve in order to ensure successful launch and proper use of their new product.

However, our client’s resources are limited, and they need a smart approach to ensure the current MSL field force can engage with external stakeholders about both products. Vintura was asked to develop a stakeholder engagement approach enabling efficient portfolio communications.

A modular value story and segmentation appraoch

Using design thinking principles, we developed four concrete tools to support our client in maximizing the impact of OL engagements:

  1. Scientific engagement planning template to prioritize and plan for success.
  2. A modular and dynamic portfolio Medical Value Story, focusing on heart failure, to enable compelling engagements.
  3. OL segmentation to tailor engagements to OL educational needs.
  4. Coaching guide to enable local leadership to drive behavioral change.

To enable local teams to use the tools and drive actual impact, we delivered an extensive global and local training curriculum consisting of 6 modules across 9 countries.

Engagements tailored to needs improving patient lives

After training, we saw a 4-fold increase in MSL confidence to be able to tailor scientific conversations to the stakeholders’ scientific learning needs. Additionally, a 2-fold increase in MSLs feeling the data they can present resonates well with stakeholders. Additionally, the average score of trainings delivered ranged from 85% to 100% excellence scores.

There is a clear unmet need in this disease area, by improving the engagement and education skills of our client’s MSLs, patients will be treated better in the future.

I enjoy working in a team and I am convinced that you will always achieve a better end result by being critical and challenging each other’s ideas.