Setting up and implementing a new way of working for the Patient Access department

Optimization of the department

The Patient Access department of our client is composed of various disciplines, which need to collaborate to achieve optimal results. However, this collaboration does not yet function at the right level:

  1. Collaboration within the department is below par.
  2. Collaboration with the rest of the company can be improved.

An analysis showed that it is not clear for everyone what the roles and responsibilities of all department staff are, and that this makes it hard to understand who to involve in which project.

Common ambitions and kpi’s

Interviews with relevant stakeholders, both from the department and outside, provided a detailed view of the problem and possible solutions. A new role was created, which serves as the connection between the department and the brand team. Per Therapeutic Area, this person is responsible for shaping and executing the Patient Access policy and actions. In addition, goals and KPI’s are set for each sub-function and the overall department in a common framework. Department ambitions are connected top-down and bottom-up. A reporting structure was set-up to communicate progress across the company.

Working on the same goal

After implementation, the new role now forms an integral part of the brand team and ensures the right connections. Personalized training programs provided the right skills for each person to be successful.

Setting common goals and objectives and KPI’s made the purpose and activities of the department clear for the whole company. Progress is reported monthly in a broad newsletter.

Several department-wide projects are shaped in which many sub-functions of the department work together,  improving internal collaboration.

I believe in really knuckling down with the client. Combining their know-how and information with my experience and creativity results in solutions they love.