Differentiated Marketing for Fast Launches

Alternative Strategy

A pharma company developed a new therapy with huge added value for patients with epilepsy. Since earnings were forecast to peak at more than US$1.5 billion, it needed to reach markets around the world as quickly as possible. But the initial launches proved disappointing, with doctors unexpectedly reticent in adopting the new medicine. Clearly, a new style of introduction was needed. The client asked us to develop that for the Australian and Korean markets.

From Push to Pull

We started by exploring physicians’ underlying motivations and their views of epilepsy treatment, now and in an ideal future. That provided us with the material we needed to produce an advanced segmentation model allowing us to approach different groups of doctors in their own ways. For each segment we devised creative tactics, messages, and tools. All backed up with in-field training, CRM support and practical aids.

Fastest Penetration

Our approach proved highly successful. Compared with colleagues in other countries, doctors in Australia and Korea were the fastest in taking up the product. The differentiated marketing worked wonderfully well, not least because our client’s commercial team really took to this smart way of addressing the market.

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