Developing customer centric engagement strategies and plans to realize brand goals

Need for structured approach

Our client is a top pharmaceutical organization. One of the 5 priorities identified for their 2020 strategy is to ensure more personalized customer engagement. Currently, they do not have a structured and aligned approach to translate brand goals into clear and personalized objectives per customer and segment.

Vintura was asked to support development and roll out of a customer engagement strategy and plan for one of their brands.

Regional and local collaboration

Together with the European regional team we developed a structured approach to transform the global integrated brand plan into a local customer engagement strategy and plan. This process ensured that conceptual brand goals were translated into clear objectives and tactics per customer segment to ensure personalized local engagement.

The process and tools developed regionally were tested with multiple local affiliates to help them build personalized engagement for a brand and to provide feedback on the tools developed. This way we ensured roll out of usefull tools and local buy-in.

Local enthusiasm and focus on brand goals

Based on this project we developed processes and tools that will help our client to ensure more personalized customer engagement and helped multiple local affiliates to build personalized engagement plans for one brand. These plans help affiliates to develop clear and actionable execution plans to ensure realization of brand goals through customer engagement.

Additionally, the tools and processes developed can be rolled out through the organization for other brands supporting customer engagement that will help treatment of patients in our clients disease areas.