Developing and executing the affiliate strategy

Getting ready to face a changing environment

The newly formed management team of a country office of an innovative biopharmaceutical company asked Vintura’s support in the development and the execution of their affiliate plan. Having an overarching strategy was new to the organization but was needed to prepare the numerous launches planned for the coming years, while adapting to the changing regulatory landscape and the entry of biosimilars in the country.

Implementing an overarching affiliate strategy

Our interviews with affiliate management team members and external analyses formed the basis for a first draft of the strategy. This draft was validated and completed with the team during an interactive work session. In the first half of the year, we served as a catalyst for the execution of the strategy, e.g.:

  • by supporting the monthly progress reporting,
  • by facilitating a successful start of strategic initiatives, on e.g. launch excellence and the use of patient journeys,
  • by giving ad hoc support to strategic initiatives where needed,
  • by reviewing the execution and defining corrective actions for the midterm evaluation.

Strengthen leadership and engage the organization

The joint development and execution of the affiliate strategy was done with teams from within the organization and generated a lot of energy and cross-functional collaboration. It enabled the organization to focus on becoming future-proof, while continuing their day-to-day operations. At the same time, the project contributed to the building of an effective and visible affiliate management team. The organization is ready to successfully run and improve their current business and bring their new discoveries to patients in the coming years.

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