Improving care for cardiovascular patients

An international pharmaceutical organization wants to go beyond supplying drug treatments and deliver better healthcare outcomes across the board (‘outcome management’).

As part of this effort together with the global brand team we have developed a key initiative consisting of three elements:

  1. Optimizing the CV care for secondary prevention,
  2. Implementing a dashboard to monitor the outcomes,
  3. Installing a network to benchmark the performance and discuss ways to further improve the care.

After the definition of this initiative Vintura was requested to support the implementation in four European countries.

Standardized approached rollout in 4 countries

In total we are working with 10+ hospitals in 4 different countries to develop / optimize a care pathway for secondary prevention for CV patient. The approach is the same within the different countries and results in blueprints so other hospitals can also benefit from it.
Next to that the intermediate end points are defined and automatically derived form the electronic patient records to monitor the outcomes. In national network meetings hospitals are sharing best practices to further improve the care. In 2021 we are also bringing the 4 countries together in a European network.

Better care and gaining insights in the performance

After the first implementations and evaluation we are confident that the patient is benefiting a lot form this approach. After a CV event it is important to make a life style change and to be adherent to the prescribed therapy. The optimized care pathway is focusing on these elements and results can be monitored.
Also healthcare professionals see the benefits of this integrated approach, focusing on optimizing the way of working in the hospital and the opportunity to learn from colleges in their country and internationally

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