Bringing a company’s first therapy to a local market


An emerging biotech company aims to bring its first product to a local market. The company asked Vintura to map the market for this type of product: what are the roles of hospitals, purchasers and payers; what does the purchasing process look like; and what are purchasing behaviors and contracting preferences?


In a period of 12 weeks, Vintura undertook a 3-step approach in close collaboration with the client:

  1. Collect data based on desk research and interviews with specialists, pharmacists and purchasers from hospitals representing 30% of the market.
  2. Develop a final report on the local market for this type of product, including detailed information on purchasing behavior and contracting preferences.
  3. Develop and Excel tool for account managers to continuously update the analysis and translate it into a clear account plan.


The research was used as input to the Commercial Strategy.By involving the client during interviews and by discussing the results, the client got a clear and realistic view of the challenges and opportunities in the local market for this new product. 

The final report contained quantitative data and quotes to provide a well-substantiated briefing to both headquarters and local key account managers.

We are proud that we could help with aligning the needs of the company and hospitals, to support in making this product available to those patients that can benefit from it.

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