Our team

Ann-Sophie Kuschel
Principal Consultant

My open nature makes it easy for me to involve all participants in a project.

My knowledge and experience

As a pharmacist, I bring different experiences to the table. On the one hand, I have witnessed day-to-day implementation in the healthcare sector and acquired practical expertise, and on the other hand, I have a strong sense of service through working with different personalities. These experiences helped me a lot in my later role as a project manager in HTA and Market Access Germany. Working internationally has also given me a sense of the different needs in this area. As a market access expert, my many years of work experience have also shown me how important it is to involve all stakeholders in the process at an early stage to ensure, for example, that clinical trials are suitable not only for approval but also for market access.

My contribution to the team and our clients

A joint kick-off is always a good basis to strengthen the cooperation in the project. It is a great pleasure that after COVID-19 we finally have the opportunity to meet our clients again in person. My open nature often makes it easy for me to involve the various participants in a project. I also enjoy playing devil’s advocate to challenge ideas – externally and internally.

About myself

Sitting around a table, eating good food, talking and laughing together is what keeps me going in my private life too. I also need exercise and sport. From spinning with lots of loud music, to outdoor sports in the countryside, to relaxing yoga, everything is welcome. Doing these things together with my family recharges my batteries for all the new personal and professional adventures.

My open nature makes it easy for me to involve all participants in a project.