Working together towards a new Pharma Business Model

The forces shaping Healthcare are increasingly pulling all stakeholders apart. To restore balance, Value-based approaches and broad partnerships are becoming a necessity. Innovative Agreements and Partnerships, if used holistically, have the power to drive mutual benefit within a framework of sustainable healthcare and optimal patient access to innovation.

Rapid evolution of healthcare in general and therapeutic paradigms in particular (especially in Oncology and Rare Diseases) is putting an increasing strain on the relationship between healthcare stakeholders, causing a growing disconnect between each party’s interests, needs and capabilities.

There is a clear necessity to rethink existing relationships between Pharma and Payers/Regulators, shifting them away from transactional/contractual nature towards meaningful and sustainable partnerships. These partnerships must also be mutually beneficial, ensuring maximum access to innovation for patients, whilst containing budget impact, within heterogeneous and changing policy and regulatory environment.

Ensuring mutual benefit requires effort and commitment from all stakeholders (Pharma, Payers, Providers and Patients alike). This can only be achieved through Value Creation, Value Demonstration and Value Recognition.

Read all about it here, we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic!

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