Vintura and Equalis join forces: creating even more impact on the healthcare system

By combining knowledge, experience, skills and creativity, we have everything we need to approach the healthcare challenges we face in an integrated manner. Where Vintura has been successfully active for years with healthcare providers such as hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, Equalis has a long history and a solid reputation in that market of policy makers and payers.

The two healthcare consultancy companies Vintura and Equalis are joining forces and continuing together. The companies have been working together since 2018 and have decided to further formalize this successful collaboration. They have an almost identical mission; to improve the healthcare system, but have a different focus with regard to customers, propositions, staff and skills. Joined projects have already shown that we can greatly reinforce each other as a result. This increases the positive impact we can have on the healthcare system. Vintura and Equalis will form a unique company of about 55 passionate healthcare consultants in 3 countries; Netherlands, Germany and England.

Noël van Oijen , partner at Vintura ; “In addition to its consultancy skills, Equalis has strong health economics and data modeling skills; things that really strengthen Vintura’s propositions.”

The customer portfolio consists of all stakeholders in the healthcare domain, from healthcare providers and financiers to policymakers, government and industry organizations. In this way, the best connections can be made in which cooperation is the only solution to face the challenges. Together, Vintura and Equalis have all the competencies in house to shape the care transformation; health economics analyses, strategy development, organizational design, care path optimization, policy evaluation and above all the change management skills to connect and accelerate change.

Barry Egberts, partner at Equalis;” In this way we establish a good relationship between strategy, policy and implementation to really start movement in the system.”

Barry Egberts and Lieke Boonen from Equalis will become part of Vintura’s management. Barry Egberts, Lieke Boonen and Noël van Oijen (Vintura) together form the new management of Equalis. Piet Stam, co-founder of Equalis and previously SiRM, will step down as a partner of Equalis and continue as an associate partner.

About Equalis

Equalis Strategy & Modeling is a health economics consultancy. Their motivation is to improve healthcare. They do this by combining the professionalism of the consultancy profession with the innovativeness and thoroughness of academic knowledge development. Converting complex issues into simple and practically applicable solutions that have an impact for clients. They advise and guide clients in the development towards a ‘data-driven’ organization.

Experts in the Dutch healthcare system, including risk equalization and funding and driven to contribute with knowledge and expertise to a sustainable healthcare system that is and remains accessible to everyone. They convert complex issues into simple and practically applicable solutions. Equalis wants to lead the way in the field of methods, techniques and responsible data use. They advise and guide customers in practical solutions.

I believe in creative dialogues within multidisciplinary teams, and also in making the most of organizations’ own strengths. We build the best solutions together.