New Vintura director focuses on regional collaboration between care and cure

On 1 February, Anita Mikulic took up her new position as director of the strategic consultancy firm Vintura. She has a great deal of experience in the healthcare sector, particularly in the area of social care services, and will strengthen Vintura in this area.

Anita Mikulic has around 15 years of experience in the public social sector. She began her professional career in municipal youth care and then moved to Monitor Deloitte in 2012, where she gained experience in consultancy through her work as a senior manager for public strategy and innovation.

Bas Amesz, Partner at Vintura, comments, “It is clear that a well-coordinated care cycle will be essential within the healthcare sector in coming years. Primary, secondary and tertiary care as well as social care need to be made more effective through partnerships. Vintura has considerable experience within the ‘cure’ area. Anita offers a great deal of experience with ‘care’ and can give our position in healthcare a tremendous boost.”

Since 2000, Vintura has been a trusted and strategic partner for many Dutch and European organisations in the healthcare and life sciences sectors in the field of management consulting. Vintura’s mission is to connect stakeholders in healthcare. Bas Amesz comments, “Our goal is to create a bridge between hospitals, healthcare insurers and pharmaceutical companies and, with Anita Mikulic in the director’s seat, we can now add social healthcare institutions to the mix, such as home care, youth care and geriatric care. In addition to her considerable experience, she is also skilled in connecting various parties and coming up with new solutions through co-creation. This is in perfect keeping with our culture and approach to collaboration with clients.”

Anita Mikulic says the following about her arrival at Vintura. “I’m looking forward to developing new markets for Vintura based on my experience in the social sector. My goal is to increase the extent of regional collaboration and to support healthcare institutions with regard to social and technological innovation, in areas of prevention and care access as well as patient-centred alignment between social care and cure. I also think that, as a female director, I have a different perspective on leadership and collaboration and, consequently, can contribute to diversity within Vintura.”

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